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  • I want to bring in consistency and standardization to all our communication.
  • I need communication support to connect our employees to our vision and mission.
  • I need a world class corporate film.
  • Now that you know our business well, can you please make a presentation on the impact of recession on our business over a 3 year horizon?
  • CMO


  • Can we develop an umbrella branding strategy for all our products and services?
  • One of our brands is languishing on the sidelines. How can we rejuvenate it?
  • We are launching a new product/brand, can we do a communication audit of the category.
  • How can our marketing team support the sales team to sell better or more effectively?
  • Can we develop a communication calendar for the year?
  • 300 dealers are going to Dubai with us, we need a complete end to end branding activity for the event right from invitation to thank you note.
  • The annual marketing conference is coming; we need to create the theme and a motivational video for the sales team.
  • We need to engage regularly with our channel partners / customers or influencers. Can we brainstorm for some ideas and implement them?
  • We need to design some premium brand mailers to some of our key customers?
  • Brand managers/Product managers


  • The new product launch needs development of all collaterals.
  • We need to increase our inshop visibility. What can we do.
  • We are participating in the international exhibition. Can we do a stall design and a promotional offer at the stall?
  • We need packaging design for entirely new category product.
  • Our product pictures are outdated. Can we organize a photoshoot of all our products - table top and application based.
  • We need an audio visual for the product feature and benefits.
  • We need to communicate the promotional offer to all our channel partners, what all can we do.
  • We need to design, print and send our product pricelists statewise by the end of this month.
  • Can you suggest a good BTL agency (printer, gift supplier, market research etc) with whom I can do my promotions.
  • Corporate Communication


  • We need to develop a company newsletter both for internal and external audience.
  • We need to design all the collaterals for the upcoming AGM.
  • We need to design the PPT, press kit and other collaterals for the investor meet.
  • We need a few concepts, cover page designs and inside templates for the Annual Report.
  • We need a world-class corporate film. Can you organize shoot across the country at all our facilities.
  • We need to showcase our success stories with both the internal and external audience. Can you suggest some ideas for the same?
  • HR Manager


  • We need to develop an employee referral scheme for the middle management and above.
  • We need to design a Rewards and Recognition programme to cover all employees in the organisation.
  • We need some ideas to popularize our values and commitments amongst the employees.
  • We need to communicate the internal mobility programme launched amongst employees.
  • We need to develop an interactive training manual for the new joinees.
  • We need to develop a PPT for our campus placement programme.
  • We need to design collaterals for the Family Day which is coming up.
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